How do I connect my Raspberry Pi to WIFI?

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How do I connect my Raspberry Pi to WIFI?

Many headquarters using the BART Dashboard have several TV monitors mounted onto walls. An easy and reasonably inexpensive way to drive the BART Dashboard is using the Raspberry Pi with its built-in WIFI connectivity.

To connect your Raspberry Pi to your chosen WIFI connection:

  1. Purchase a ‘Raspberry Pi 3’, which has built in WIFI
  2. Ensure you also get a power supply and HDMI cable
  3. Contact the BART team to get your pre-loaded Micro SD card
  4. Load the SD card into your Raspberry Pi
  5. Open in Explorer and double click on ‘BOOT’
  6. Open the file ‘fullpageos-network.txt’ in Notepad
  7. You will find full instructions at the top and bottom of the page
  8. You will also see 3 login options:
    Option 01

    ## WPA/WPA2 secured
    #iface wlan0-fullpageos inet manual
    #wpa-ssid "put SSID here"
    #wpa-psk "put password here"

    Option 02

    ## WEP secured
    #iface wlan0-fullpageos inet manual
    # wireless-essid "put SSID here"
    # wireless-key "put password here"

    Option 03

    ## Open/unsecured
    #iface wlan0-fullpageos inet manual
    # wireless-essid "put SSID here"
    # wireless-mode managed
  9. The most common and secure option is ‘WPA/WPA2’, however choose your option based on your WIFI modem settings
  10. Delete the single hash (#) characters at the front of the settings you choose – this will change the lines from being text notes to active code
  11. Replace “put SSID here” with your login name, but do not remove the “ ” (double quotation marks)
  12. Replace the “out password here” with your password, and again retain the “ ” (double quotation marks)
  13. Save your file
  14. To test whether you have been successful:
    • attach your monitor or TV with an HDMI cable
    • Connect the Raspberry Pi to the power
    • Turn on the Raspberry Pi
  15. If your WIFI details are correct, the BART screen will boot up and you will be away and running
  16. If the BART screen doesn’t boot up in a short amount of time, you will need to check your WIFI modem for the correct login type and details


Please note:
If you need to access the BART Setup options:

a. Connect a mouse to your Raspberry Pi
b. Download the remote desktop software
(to do this you will need to find the IP address for your Raspberry Pi from your modem. If a password is required, use: raspberry)