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Training Material

If you would like to explain the BART system to your team or management, you can download some of our support material below:

PowerPoint Presentations:

Smartphone App Walkthrough (pptx 3074kb)

Tablet App Walkthrough (pptx 4942kb)

Dashboard Walkthrough (pptx 4712kb)


Quick Guides

Help! I forgot my password

How can I auto-print from the BART Dashboard?

I’m not receiving notifications – what do I do?

How do I Broadcast a Message Without a Smartphone

BART Dashboard auto-print guide (pdf – 3.9MB)


Points to Cover for New Administrators:
New Administrator Material (pdf 298kb)


The Message Feed Interface:
The Message Feed Interface (pdf 611kb)


General Overview Info:
BART-flyerA4.pdf (1.31 MB)

BART-KeepingTheTeamTogether.pdf (3.69 MB)

BART-Smartphone App Overview.ppt (7.74 MB)

If you have a specific question regarding BART or any of its functionality, please visit the Help Centre.