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What our Members are Saying

We put the lights and sirens on to get to an incident faster and more safely. In the same vein, if you put the thumbs up/ down ‘lights’ on within the BART Team app you can indicate to the team with what you’re doing. This provides Response Coordinators with highly visible data, allowing them to make the most appropriate near real-time decisions.


Hopefully they are smart enough to back you guys and keep it free for us volunteers because this is one of the greatest apps since apps began. We swear by it as a brigade and have even spread the word to other brigades and now they are on it! It’s amazing


Great app, we’ve found it extremely beneficial and it’s an excellent compliment (enhancement) to our paging system. Congratulations.


Awesome app (and idea). Well done, saves me from carting around a pager.


I’ve just come across the Station Platform which looks great! …Keep up the great work!


…I have to say I think it’s fantastic.


It seems logical that the pagers and sms could be phased out and BART replace them.
BARTs best features are the ability to control capcodes on a brigade and individual volunteer level selecting what’s important to the brigade and individual.


We have just responded 6 vehicles to large fire and BART has been fantastic. It’s the first time we have had such a large response to test how things are working.

I was able to tell our Region that we had 2 vehicles on scene and more mobile just by looking at BART.

BART User, Firefighter

BART has definitely been great for the Brigade and I know that our captain loves the fact she can now see who is attending in real time and also the ability to send out messages to the Brigade members when she needs to.

BART User, Firefighter

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How Does BART Work?

BART’s made up of 5 modules that all work together to help make your life easier.

Using a broadcast feed and other sources, up to the second information is shared between team members,
groups, districts and even amongst different agencies. By working together, you’re able to make better, faster and
more informed decisions to help keep you and your community safe.

ALL modules and features are included in your annual subscription fee

Smartphone + tablets

Who is it for?
Individuals + appliances

What is it?
An app for smartphones and tablets that can be used 24/7, anywhere around the world

What does it do?
Allows members to share attendance status, ETA to headquarters, ongoing updates and communications, images and locations.

Read more about the Team app here

Desktop (web browser)

Who is it for?
Everyone (options based on user permissions)

What is it?
A web-based application used for administering all aspects of the BART system (members, groups, messages, locations, qualifications, permissions and broadcasts)

What does it do?
Allows members to administer their BART accounts.

Standard Members
Can update their personal details like email and phone number

Can add or delete members, add and assign broadcasts, control who can send messages and close incidents.

Read more about Members here

Desktop (web browser)

Who is it for?
Designed for display within headquarters

What is it?
A web-based application used for displaying real-time information within a control centre environment.

What does it do?
The Dashboard provides a view of members responding to an incident with their ETAs, availability, incident location on the map, route to the incident, satellite view as well as the street view of the incident location, satellite weather view, vehicles deployed, a printed map ready to take, voice reading out the message, etc.

For more information on the Dashboard, click here

Desktop (web browser)

Who is it for?
Regional controllers or those who need to oversee the movements of multiple groups

What is it?
The Turnout module focuses on area and regional incidents, handling multiple brigades, units and groups.

What does it do?
This application provides those who are dispatching the message or managing multiple groups the ability to see real time brigade, unit, and group responses, as well as vehicle deployment on the map.

For more information on Turnout, click here

Desktop (web browser) + Smartphone + tablet

Who is it for?
RAMP was designed for those who need to view and manage more than one appliance.

What is it?
RAMP allows the management of resources across multiple agencies.

What does it do?
When a large-scale incident occurs such as a wildfire or major flooding, RAMP allows operators to focus on the control, delegation and planning aspects of incident management, without the usual administrative distractions.

For more information on RAMP, click here

Latest News

New BART Team release

By |March 23rd, 2017|Categories: Latest News|

We’re always listening! Thanks to all the comments and suggestions that we regularly receive, we’re able to keep adding new functionality that will benefit you guys. First it was attaching comments, imagery and locations to

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CCIQ Accreditation

By |May 20th, 2016|Categories: Uncategorized|

We’ve just been approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) as an accredited supplier. This means that Emerg has been deemed fit and credible, which will give vendors confidence in the quality

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Major Update to the Station Platform

By |May 11th, 2016|Categories: Uncategorized|

You’re going to like this…. We’ve completely overhauled the station platform! Now named the 'Dashboard', we've updated the interface and have added all the amazing functionality that you can find on the regular BART smartphone

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